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Subvein 0.53

A free, top-down multiplayer shoot 'em up

Subvein is a free online multiplayer shooter. What makes it unusual is that it's a top-down 2D game! Like many online shooters, you have some control over your player - you can buy and upgrade weapons, and there is a RPG element of developing your...
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  • by Anonymous

    one of the best top down shooter their is. Good replaybility + leveling up. one of the best top down shooter their is. Good replaybility + leveling up and adding skills. Actually, it is the best top-down shooter!!!!! Pros: only 23mb you can level up. Cons: zombie mode. needs to be easier for beginners

  • by Anonymous

    Fun Game!. Very fun game, though it takes a while to learn. 0.53 is out of date but I'm pretty sure the client auto updates. Great community, with a growing playerbase. Also, to all the people seeing this review, WWW.Subvein.Net/?Ref=Qwertybeef will get you guys a 100CC Referral bonus which will let you unlock cool stuff way faster,(like Neon lights under your car, capes, etc.) and give me 1CC for More

  • by Anonymous

    fun and fast!. Thanks for this :) Just played a few games and loved it. The action is non-stop and for a free game was highly entertaining. I'll be telling my friends at school about this so we can play it during lunch (or maybe even class!!). There's a bit of a learning curve because you have to master both guns (which need money) and skills (which need experience).. but once you do it's wo More